Why Diet Matters More than Exercise For Weight Loss, In One Video
If you want to lose weight, diet and exercise are both important. However, that doesn't mean they're equally important. This video explains why changing your diet has a bigger effect on your weight loss than exercise. As we've discussed at length …
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Obesity: Cutting benefits to help people lose weight 'would not work', says
A Government health adviser personally commissioned by the Prime Minister to review benefit claimants has criticised his suggestion that people with obesity-related health issues should lose payments if they refuse treatment. There is no evidence that …
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Sean Lerwill :Why Eating Less Won't Help You Lose Weight in the Long Run
How many people do you know who starve themselves with the aim of lowering their body fat, losing weight or 'toning' up? You may have even tried it yourself. You probably found it worked at first, but soon tailed off. What did you do? Probably what …
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