Some cool how to lose weight images:

weight changes July 1 to November 1
how to lose weight
Image by Nemo’s great uncle
The data samples are 16 days apart—i.e., twice a month. (I was too lazy to type in all daily results.)

The peak was 90.5 kg. (July 17-21)

Losing 9 kg (10%) took two months. (September 14)
Losing 13.5 kg (10%) approximately 3.5 months. (November 1)

MY goal is 70 kg. How many more months will that take?

Temple, Red Sea
how to lose weight
Image by Blue Hour Admiral
Underwater photography is very different than “normal” photography in the sense that as you descend in the water you start to lose colors from the color spectrum. The first to go is red, then orange, yellow, and finally green depending on how deep you go. There are a few things you can do to keep the colors vibrant. The easiest and most common is to use a flash or underwater strobes. The second is to use color filters on your camera. A lot of photographers will attach a red filter to their lens to help with the color loss. And finally, post production. This is what I use. I like to shoot with ambient light underwater, I find using strobes can give you very flat lighting and unflattering images. I can do all of my editing in Lightroom 4 which is nice and am compiling a list of presets that will be available for download sometime in the near future. As far as underwater housings go, there are many options out there. I use the Ewa-Marine U-B100 as it greatly cuts down on weight and portability issues while traveling and is a fraction of the cost of a heavy-duty housing such as the Ikelite housings.

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