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Walking and driving around Barrie Ontario Canada
how to lose weight
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I forced myself to go outside using my walked as a form of exercise. Over the past few years being mostly bedridden my leg muscles have atrophied. I’m trying to build them up again. Muscles weigh more than fat so my 105 lb. Weight loss and my goal to lose another 30-50 lb. will be difficult, but my dream is that my spinal pain will be reduced to a point that my life will be of better quality, the pain will be reduced allowing us to travel to Mexico or elsewhere as we have accumulated a substabpntial number of AirMiles and Aeroplan miles to allow business class on any Asian long haul flights. I only put 6,500 km on our most recent Honda Odyssey during its first three years. Our Honda Barrie dealer salivated when assessing that vehicle stating that it was still in show room condition so they offered to buy out the fourth year of our lease and to offer us cash and other perks towards whatever vehicle that we choose. The new vehicle has a heated steering wheel but not front seats which blow cool air on our bottoms on particularly hot summer days.

We settled on a Honda C-RV Touring which we took possession of in Dec. 2021. To date we have only had to fill up our gas tank twice when the gas level had just dropped below less than 50%. We added a sign to the back of our CE-V as driving the 10 km. from the dealership by the back roads resulted in impatient drivers yelling at me, giving me the finger and honking as I had dropped my speed as low as 35 km in 50 km zones. The sign has resulted in many drivers dropping by my parked car taking a photo of the sign and expressing how much they like my sign. After explaining the story behind the sign they liked the sign even more. A retired CSIS officer shared that his son who had worked a couple decades in the Toronto Police Services transferred to the Barrie Police and that their officers had noted my vehicle and its sign but they had guessed that it would draw a lot of negative attention from impatient Barrie drivers. I confirmed that that harassment had immediately dropped off with many drivers smiling and giving me an encouraging thumbs up rather than the previous middle finger bird. The sign had drawn their attention and has been a source of gossip in their ranks. I don’t remember any Barrie Police vehicles around me but they obviously keep their eyes open for unusual vehicles. I only learned to drive in the rural countryside east of Highland Creek, east of Scarborough. He added a ‘Beware! Student driver’ to the back of my VW bug which allowed the few rural cars to keep their distance. During my 50 years of driving I only had one accident which is when the brakes on my Odyssey failed when I was exiting our underground parking. My insurance covered everything with the exception of paying the full replacement cost of my front bumper as some mice or squirrels had gnawed along the underside of that bumper in the hope of accessing a warm and dry space during bad seasonal weather.

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