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Finally meeting Princess Dest’eni
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Ashildr headed towards the bakery today, wanting to pick up a few baked goods not sold in the market place to gift to the married couple when she visited them next. Stretching out her pristine white wings she glided through the air gracefully with ease, soaring straight up as she spun artistically then held herself high above the castle just to give her wings a much needed stretch then circled around a few times. As she danced through the air, she spotted with her keen sight a red draken with crimson tipped ebony wings. Never having seen this draken before, she landed gracefully a few safe feet away. "Vendui.. greetings" her voice was gentle. She pressed her wings to her back as she studied the female draken and waited for a reply.

Dest’eni Talons long and sharp as temper that now seethed beneath the surface clacked against the stone beneath. The touch of them seemed to cause the hard surface to hiss from heat as if the nine hells themselves slithered through the beast veins. Ebony wings tipped in flaming feathers stopped as the legs took the brunt of the weight and a strange wrath filled glance loomed over head. Large spines and spikes protruded as the tail lashed impatiently behind it, "Are you the missive that requested an audience with me…" the creature growled out in a flame crackled voice. Politeness now overtaken by rage due to recent events- the space around the draken heating up and causing the stone to glow beneath.

Ashildr could see the stone beneath the draken begin to heat up and took several steps back as she felt her heart begin to increase beats. Normally she remained calm and kept a great regard for the dragons she had become familiar with in Elmandria, this one was a frightful sight. Ashildr’s vivid purple eyes widened as she studied the creature. Replying to the question about the sent missive, she tilted her head to one side.. "I sent a missive to the heirs of Elmandria, seeking an audience with each…." She swallowed then took a deep breath… "… are you the princess?" never having met Princess Dest’eni before, she did not know what the royal heir looked like

Dest’eni Stepping forward as the double taloned feet began to split themsleves to support the creatures weight as the chaotic eyes loomed forward. "Yes. Otherwise- why would I be here, To seek you for my own pleasure while my mother sits in stone. As beautiful as a statue as she makes this is a wrong I will not stand for. I cannot wake her. I cannot speak with her. My mother lays there frozen- cold- ever so barren of the confidence and wrath." she spoke out cracking as she did. "I am the daughter of the devil and the queen. Many call me the abomination- and if I am to be an abomination than I shall look it…" she said extending a talon which the heat seemed to move away from- cooling almost as if to offer a gentle yet polite greeting. While fearsome in form her attitude was a mixture of her mother and father. A cool demeanor from her father though lashing anger constantly caused a chaotic upbringing internally. With that she battled but the eyes- you could see the unbridled chaos within- the anger and sadness. The utter misery. "What do you want of me." she asked bluntly

Ashildr bowed respectfully at the meeting of the royal heir. "Your Highness." Standing upright again, her vivid purple eyes met Dest’eni’s chaotic eyes. "Tis a pleasure to finally meet you Princess Dest’eni." She gently folded her delicate hands in front of her, standing gracefully as her expression was tender. "I have a great hope of the soon return of your mother, Queen Obsidian. I have paid her a visit and tried all I could to reverse whatever has cursed the Queen. Though sadly I have failed so far." Her voice was filled with remorse for not being able to help the one who rules beside the Devil King. "For now, your mother is surrounded with a Sanctuary Spell at your father’s request. It should help guard her for now until she returns.".. Then she addressed the Princess’ question.. "As to why I asked for an audience with you, your Highness.. I was granted permission by your father to spend time with you.."

Dest’eni The draken looked off a moment as if in thought- always thinking before speaking least she cause issue she was a thoughtful one. Turning now she glanced at the woman before her. "Forgive my form… I cannot contain my grief and it has pushed me into this state." she said in a crackling semi apologetic way as the horns and spines moved about her body as she moved closer- the flames receding. "Forgive me if my form frightens you. It is not my intent. I am still… trying to understand emotions- and how to harness them. My mother is stone and my father is not himself. For what reason is it to spend time with me. Is it some sort of aid I can supply to bring my mother back… I miss her comfort however brief it was while I have been thrown into this chaotic world. I have traveled the lands. I have enjoyed the nature but I can do so no longer. I am full of spite- malice- hatred. The things I enjoy so much I now despise. Please- understand my plea. What service may I offer you?"

Ashildr humbly bowed once again at the crackling semi apologetic sounds to the Princess’s words. "Forgive me, your Highness. I am Ashildr, the Elmandrian cleric." She noticed Dest’eni stepping forward and took one step towards her, a sign of good faith. "I am very pleased to finally meet you, your Highness. I have had the pleasure of meeting your brother on more than one occasion. As such, I was looking forward to spending time with he.. and yourself… as a way to share the small acts of charity I am able to perform for those in need." She paused a moment, studying Dest’eni’s appearance… such a majestic combination of both her parents. Ashildr’s eyes would convey respect and awe at the same time. "I go to the market place and offer succor to those less fortunate and had thought it would be a wonderful way for you and your brother to meet the people of Elmandria. And to better allow them to get to know the future rulers of this realm."

Dest’eni "Forgive my absense. I spend so much time in nature I often forget to return home to the castle. For which I am sure it has irritated my father… and now brother?" she asked with a pondering tone. "News is news…" she ponderd again as a talon clicked itself to her brow as if thinking deeply on something. "I find it easy to lose myself in nature. It the protection of it… the care and compassion of it all. I hunt- to survive yes- but never in greed. I far love the flora and fauna too much for that. A great crack came in the earth- a creature like my mother lives down there- a wretched soul though has given me a bit of advice to follow. Insolents and my behavior beforehand were utterly unacceptable. Regardless my birth for which I owe my life to it I am grateful for learning my place in it all as it were." she continued as she began to gesture with long claw tipped fingers "Please. If you seek aid in aiding the others in the kingdom reach out- while they are not nature they are a natural state of the kingdom and while suffering is natural and a part of existence- it can be prevented- healed and soothed. We cannot meld both nature and the creation we stand in" she said gesturing to the man made castle and all that lay within the city "But we can ease the suffering of both planes as it were…" she said with a bowing of her own head

Ashildr’s expression was tender and understanding. While Obsidian was not particularly fond of Ashildr, it still did not prevent the avariel from hoping the relationship between them could improve. She had spent so much time with Obsidian, and during the night of her pledge to both King and Queen, it was expressed that Ashildr was an extended member of the royal family. Though such sentiment had not be removed since the disappearance of her former mate, Ashildr still regarded the royal family now an extended part of hers.."Your Highness, there is nothing for me to forgive. You have had such an unusual entrance into existence. Each day since you were brought into this realm, your parents watched a constant vigil. Each night and day they laid in hiding to protect you and keep you safe. Yet…" her eyes grew more tender as she continued.."… yet your brother was stolen before your parents could find out about him.. I found him in the black market, ready to be sold to the highest bidder. It was then that your parents found out about him when I returned him back to his rightful place. With all that has happened most recently, the earth cracking.. your mother turning to stone.. your father not himself, as you say.. so much has plagued your family. And yet you seem so tender hearted. Truly… magnificent.." her last words were whispered as her heart seemed to reach out to the princess. "Your Highness, I would be most honest if you would accompany me when you are able, as I offer aid to the less fortunate. It would surely bring them honor to have your company in their midst"

Dest’eni The draken nodded to the womans words. "Give me a few days to calm my emotions- to meditate as it were to remove this form. No one will approach me but you and I cannot fault them for it- as it were I am not the most pleasing of creatures to gaze upon and considering my linage I cannot fault them for such. I will try to mend the wounds of those you seek to aid in any way I can be it from the treasury or other means. For now I must go meditate… Being in this form exhaust me, please- for saving my brother you have my thanks. Might I offer you a gift as a sign of thanks. Name your reward and I will have it done. I am truthful to my word as the princess and heir to this kingdom- should you want a hundred steeds they would be yours. Name the price." she offered with an extended stone cold taloned hand "For what you do for the people of this land- for the kindness you show me and lack of judgment for my form…"she paused as if musing on a thought "and for what you are doing for my family as a whole I offer you a gift… you need only name it and it is done." the princess said even going so far as to bend a knee for a moment as if to cement the deal. "I only ask you watch over my father- I feel he is unwell and I have not seen much of him. I fear for him. Whatever your arts can do to soothe him please bid it done… as for my mother- we must find a solution- whatever the price is I will pay it… as I am sure father and- as hard and unusual as it is to say- brother- will do as well."

Ashildr added.. "Also.. if I may?… Your father has asked me to escort you from time to time. As I am sure the guards would as well, I would be honored if you would grant me this." Then her eyes began to well up with large tears that began to streak down her tender cheeks. Never had she been honored in such a way before and seeing the royal heir make such a grand offer touched Ashildr deeply. As the princess extended a taloned hand, Ashildr placed her delicate hand within and watched Dest’eni go as far as to bend a knee for a brief moment. Ashildr bend down as well, and bowed her head at the princess. Her voice cracked as another tear rolled down her cheek.. "Your Highness.. your offer is far too grand… please, I am not deserving.. I seek to help where I can and will gladly care for your family in any way that I am able." She would offer to help the Princess stand if allowed and would then gently touch Dest’eni’s arm.. something she usually does not do with others. "You need your rest and once you are feeling better, we will talk more. I will visit with you often, if you wish"

Dest’eni The princess nodded her horned head "Again- my offer as it stands is more strong than you realize. Should you seek a place to offer refuge for those you aid I will bid it done." she replied rising up "I will allow you to escort me when it pleases you if that is what you want. I do not understnad the fullness of why guards and such bare it upon themselves to do so nor why you wish to but if it is deemed honorable to you- then I will bid it to you." she said bowing her head again as her wings spread out- a flame cracking as they spread open and her body like lava breaking through the skin as the wings fanned the flames underneath her skin. "Care for these people as I will care for the land… honor me in caring for my father- he needs guidance I cannot offer. Speak not of gods with him- I fear it is a wound too deep for him to stand at the moment; however, if there is an art of protection you can place on him- please. Do it. If he seeks it not tell him his daughter wishes it. For if he loses his mind- I will have lost a father and a mother and a chance at getting either back would be null… I do not wish this." she said as her wings thrust her off the ground towards the castle walls where talons alighted themselves along the brim "Do take care… my offer stands- only ask it of me."

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