How to lose weight without dieting
Advice about what to eat, what to avoid eating and how to lose weight are all around us. Magazines, billboards, commercials and social media posts often promise quick and easy weight loss solutions. Friends, neighbors, coworkers and family members …
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The Packers asked Eddie Lacy to lose weight and holy s*** did he ever
Packers running back Eddie Lacy is sporting a new, slimmed-down look in the offseason, as seen in this photo that came from P90X creator Tony Horton's Facebook. Horton reportedly offered to help Lacy lose weight back in January: Holy skinny Eddie Lacy, …
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Want to lose weight? Follow Kim Kardashian's example! High-protein diets
Scientists revealed that a high-protein diet (such as the one Kim Kardashian, pictured, is currently following) is the key to weight loss. That's because protein makes people feel fuller, as it activates the satiety hormone release, according to a new …
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