More exercise doesn't always mean losing weight
Americans spend $ 27 billion a year on gym memberships. They spend that money because they believe exercise is the key to losing weight — and fitness companies happily promote this narrative. But a growing body of research suggests that Americans …
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How to Lose Weight the Psychological Way — Why The Intention Behind Your Goal
Let us begin with the motivation behind losing weight. Many of us want to lose weight because we are attached to our bodies and wish to look more beautiful. Such a motivation comes from being attached to one's physical appearance. Attachment to one's …
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Drink Bulletproof Coffee and Lose Weight–New Diet Claims To Increase IQ and
Dave claimed that he created the diet plan to lose a massive amount of weight. Asprey explained that he was over 100 pounds overweight, in his 40s, and tried every diet plan out there with no success. Dave was ready to live the rest of his life with …
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