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Flash Issue 8 (Second Chances) – A DCU Comic
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Image by -InsomniCat-
Barry paced back and forth in front of the door of Iris’ apartment. It had been half a week since he left her on their date and he felt insanely bad about it. Not only did he commit the crime of leaving her, but he had also been avoiding her. This, of course, may have been a worse crime than the first. Could he have talked to her sooner. Yes, he probably could have. In fact, he probably should have. “Iris” he started as he knocked on her door. He waited a few seconds but heard no response. “I know you’re probably mad at me and never want to talk to me again…but I just wanted to apologize for leaving you. It wasn’t fair for me to treat you like that and you probably hate me…but I am sorry…I’m so sorry…but I had fun. I had a great time with you…in fact, it was a better time than most other times out of the year for me. I just…could you please forgive me? Could you find it in your heart to give me one more chance?” Barry vented to her door.

“You know I normally don’t give guys a second chance after they show me up,” a voice said behind Barry.

“Ah!” Barry said with a jump as he turned around to find Iris holding a bag of groceries. “Iris you scared me…did you…did you hear what I said?”

“Oh Barry, I heard all of it. But, I will give you another chance under two conditions.”


“Anything? Now that’s a lot of power you’re giving me.”

“Now that’s just not fair.”

“You have a lot to learn about ‘what’s fair’ in a relationship. Am I your first girlfriend?”

“You’re my girlfriend?”

“Answer the question, Barry.”


“Can’t say I believe you but I’m gonna need you to commence one of my conditions.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Reach into my pocket and open my door pretty please these groceries are getting heavy”

“Of course,” Barry said as he quickly fumbled around in her pocket for the key. He then messed with the lock and opened the door.

Iris walked in behind him. “Hey, Wally I’m home!”

“Wally? Who’s Wally?”

“Maybe if you had stayed around for our date you would know,” Iris said as an orange-haired individual emerged from a room opposite of the entrance. “Barry, this is my nephew Wally, I’ve been taking care of him for half a year now. Wally this is my boyfriend Barry”.

“Nice to meet you, Barry,” Wally West said as he extended his hand.

Barry grabbed his hand and shook it. There was something that he felt was odd. A connection between the two of them. Barry didn’t notice it, but as he removed his hand there was a small trail of lightning between them.

“Hey, Wally, why don’t you go hang out in your room while Barry and I talk business,”Iris said whilst glaring at Barry.

“Sure thing,” Wally said as he placed an earbud back into his ear and walked into his room.

Iris watched as Wally shut the door and waited a few seconds. “Next condition. You never do that again and you tell me why you left me in the first place after I spent a solid hour on getting ready.”

“Okay, I promise…kind of that I won’t do it again…but to be perfectly honest I’m not comfortable with telling you the second part.”

“Barry…sit down.” Iris said as she took a seat by her counter. Barry then sat down across from Iris. “I know I’m your first girlfriend-”

“Not my first girlfriend,” Barry said as Iris raised an eyebrow. “Sorry…”

“Okay, well I’m your first girlfriend who actually wants to take this somewhere. But here’s the thing…in a relationship, you have to tell your partner what’s wrong. You have to tell them if you have a problem. If you keep it all bottled up it comes out in a tsunami of anger…do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then please Barry…if you want this to go somewhere. If you want there to be an us…you have to be honest with me…” Iris said as she locked eyes with him. “Tell me what’s wrong”.

Barry considered his options. Should he tell her the truth? That he was the Flash? The fastest man alive? He couldn’t. She was right he did want this to go somewhere. He felt like Iris may be the one. The one that he’s been looking for his entire life. His other half. Was this the way he wanted things to truly start after years of flirting between the two of them? Is this how he wanted it all to start? Did he want the foundation of his relationship built upon lies? But it was to protect her right? If people knew who Barry was…then they could hurt the people that Barry loved. But he wasn’t just Barry Allen he was the Flash. The Fastest man alive…

“Iris I…I’m…It was my dad,” Barry lied. “I had been thinking about my dad earlier in the day and then talking about him…it kinda broke me and I just didn’t want you to see me upset. Then I got so embarrassed that I just left,” Barry said regretfully.

“Oh, Barry…” Iris said as she stood up and walked over to Barry to give him a hug. She held him in an embrace for five seconds, but Barry slowed down his time. He wanted to extend that hug for as long as he could. He wanted to extend that moment. That wonderful moment of her trusting him. She let go and looked him in his eyes then ruffled his hair. “You big loveable idiot,” she said sweetly.

“I know I need to lose some weight, but ou-” Barry was interrupted by a kiss from Iris.

“You stay right there while I use the bathroom. Then I’ll send you off and we can meet later tonight.”

“Later tonight?”

“Yup…you’re getting that second chance a lot sooner than you thought. As long as you’re okay with it that is.”

“It would be my honor,” Barry said with a slight bow.
Iris rolled her eyes and walked to the bathroom. A few seconds afterward the slightly cracked door of Wally’s room fully opened and Wally walked out of his room.

“So…” Wally trailed off.

“Oh Wally uh, how much did you see?” Barry asked reluctantly

“Pretty much all of it. Aunt Iris is pretty lucky though.”

“You think so?” Barry asked.

“Yeah, girls at my school would kill to date a superhero let alone the Flash” Wally said as Barry’s heart dropped.

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