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Union Jack Tessellation
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Image by Michał Kosmulski
This origami tessellation represents Union Jack, the flag of the UK. Since the pattern is quite intricate, even a single molecule can make an interesting model.

The collapse is rather difficult but it is possible to fold a simplified version. The molecule uses a 10×7 square grid (with a few creases with half-unit coordinates). However, in order for it to actually look like the British flag, an extra unit of margin is needed, bringing the grid to 12×9. This margin can be shared by adjacent molecules.

This model was folded from a paper called Earth Treasure, a single sheet of which I bought for testing at Outdoor Origami Meeting a year ago. Like Kami, this paper is colored on one side and white on the other. However, it feels thicker and crispier than Kami. I don’t know how its weight is officially, but it felt like 80-90 gsm. Surprisingly, I was not able to find any information about this paper online. The paper folded quite well, but it felt like it might tear or at least lose color if there were too many creases meeting at a single point. There was a noticeable difference when folding with and against the grain.

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