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Tamiya 1/12 Lotus 78 Ford JPS – Mario Andretti
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Image by wbaiv
After winning repeated World Championships with the redoubtable Lotus 72, Colin Chapman and company wandered a bit, before finding an idea so good that they swept all before them and changed the face of racing.

It was called, "Ground Effects" or "Wing Cars". Under the big pods on either side are smooth, inverted, airfoils, like big, upside down, airplane wings. Like the two wings ahead of the front wheels or the one behind the back wheels. Some of the air going into the pod goes through radiators for oil and water, and exits through louvers on the top surface. But below that, a smooth, wide, airfoil on the bottom of the pod descends a bit, to a low point about where the driver’s seat is. Then it arcs up, rising just like the back edge of the wings at the front and back, to meet the top of the pods at their back edges.

The plate at the outside of each pod traps the low pressure ‘bubble’ in the space between the back edge of the pod and the low point, about even with the seat- Remember, the low point is more or less at the gap between "Player" and "Special" on this side’s tobacco advertising. So the low pressure bubble is right at the middle of the car and sucks it down harder and harder, the faster it goes.

To make sure nobody misses how this works, there are sliding Lexan polycarbonate "skirts" at the bottom edges of the side plates, that actually rub against the road. The skirts have something springy pushing them down, but the suspension is VERY stiff, barely allowing the car to rise or fall.

At working speeds, 60 and 180 mph, the airfoil under the car is sucking the car down to the road with 1 to 2 times its weight, when stationary. So the car changes "downforce" from 1G at rest to 3G at speed. It goes around corners like its on rails. 3G of downforce allows the engine to accelerate the car at 3G, the brakes to stop it at 3G, and the steering wheel to make it turn at 3G

Induced drag reduces top speed in a straight line, but 2-3G downforce allows every corner to be taken at crazily fast speeds.

Unless something breaks and the loses downforce, spins out and crashes…

Here’s Ian’s picture, predictably better than mine…


Car models 9

My Lynx relaxing in a tree (Lazy Sunday)
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Image by Liesl Marelli
Photography by Liesl Marelli, All Rights Reserved.
Read the tribute to my wonderful cat and view additional photos.

My wonderful cat’s health has been declining since October 2013. I noticed his breathing was a bit raspy, his heart sounded inconsistent (I know now it was arrhythmia) and so we brought him to the animal hospital where we found out some pretty awful news. He had so much displaced water surrounding his heart and lungs that his x-rays could barely show his lungs and heart. What you could see was an enlarged heart that was tilted (I learned this is possible) and was not in good condition. After a hefty bill, we then took him to the cardiologist. I admit I was conflicted about this. How much do you spend on pets when you have a child, household bills, etc? We decided to get him checked out by the cardiologist so we better understood his condition. Basically, we found out that his heart condition was terminal – we could medicate to treat it as best as we could but it would ultimately be fatal.

Watching his health decline over the last few months has been heartbreaking. He lost weight, his eating habits changed, his energy level changed … and a few days ago he stopped eating. In my heart I knew this was him saying that he was done trying but I brought him back to the vet to get a professional opinion. I wanted to know from an expert if it was inhumane to keep him alive. This is was a very tough subject for me. I decided that if he continued not eating or drinking, we would have no choice but to do the humane thing and let him go to sleep. I was prescribed a medication that helped increase his appetite, but unfortunately, he wouldn’t take the medication. I knew for certain it was just a matter of time.

Last night his breathing was even worse so I decided if he should not pass on his own during the night, I would put him to sleep today. I called around to see if someone could do a home visit – we scheduled a visit to euthanize him at 11am. All morning, he found refuge under the bed in our guest bedroom. Around 9am, I wanted to sit on the back porch with him because he loves it out there. I got him out from under the bed – oh, my heart ached not being able to comfort him more.

We sat down on his favorite rug on our screened porch and he started (for the first time in a long time) meowing. I was on the phone with my mom and through tears told her, "Mom, I think he’s passing." I got off of the phone to focus on him — to tell him how grateful I was to have him in my life and that I loved him. And, within a minute, he passed on.

I’m so grateful I was with him when he took his last breaths, I’m grateful to have had my hands on him to offer comfort and love. I am so, so, so glad he did not pass alone. We were in his favorite place — in the fresh air on the rug he loved so much. I’m incredibly sad to have lost him but am so glad for the conditions in which he passed.

My mom & honey both mentioned something about his passing to me. Ric said that he was probably waiting for me to come get him from under the bed so he could be with me. He passed within minutes of picking him up and sitting on the porch with him — maybe it’s true. My mom told me that he must have known about the appointment to euthanize him. I’m glad I didn’t have to euthanize him though. I felt like today was the day and I’d like to think he somehow let me know (and I heard him). I know animals are intuitive and I also know that it’s possible to communicate on a spiritual level. No matter what, I’m simply grateful that I didn’t find him under the bed and that he passed alone – and I’m grateful that no stranger’s hands were on him as he passed. And, I’m also glad that my hands were the last to touch him as his body was placed in the earth.

I realize that my sadness over losing my wonderful tailless cat is because I’m sad for myself – I miss him. And, I have to remind myself that he is no longer suffering, he is at peace, his spirit and energy are still in the world around me. I do wish he had a longer life. He was only 9 years old and some cats get to live more than 2x his lifespan. However, I know it was his time to go … My daughter’s first word that was attributed properly was because of him: "kitty" which she pronounced "itty." So, thank you, Lynx, for inspiring my daughter’s first word.

I am sad to have lost such a wonderful cat who has been such a joy in my life. He was one of those cool cats who even non-cat people friends of mine would tell me how much they liked him. He’d come to the door when I came home, he’d sleep on a pile of clean clothes as if to remind me to put them away (funny dude), he’d sit in boxes (often with his fur poofing out of the sides of the boxes that could barely contain him because he was so much bigger than them – LOL), sit in my luggage as I’d pack for trips, sitting on my keyboard and text books as I worked my way through college, hiding in my Army gear, drinking my water on my nightstand as if I was leaving him fresh water (LOL), reminding me every morning at 7am that I should wake up and feed him (LOL) …. he was such a good little buddy. He was one of those awesome cats who behaved very much like a dog — I could put him on a leash and take him outside for short walks in the yard. We could take car trips together. Yes, oh yes, he was a cool little dude.

I will miss him so very much.

Lynx: May 31, 2005 – May 17, 2014

(I do not know his birth date because he was a feral kitten when he was found on a golf course in Illinois and I adopted him into my family. I gave him a birth date of May 31 as just a date to celebrate.)

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