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Strictly Authorised Vehicles Only
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Image by Jasmic
Warning – Imminent Grumpy Old Man whinge…

1. Strictly Authorised Vehicles Only. What sort of awful English is that? You can drive along here as long as you have an authorised vehicle, but you have to do it strictly. If you have a bit of a chuckle while you authorise it, you still are not allowed to drive along this road? What is wrong with just saying that only authorised vehicles are allowed along this road?

2. Maximum penalty £500? Where did that figure come from? Has it been set at that by law, or did someone from Anglia Water think that it sounded about right? I am surprised that the sign didn’t have small print on it, detailing which bye law set this figure.

3. Dogs must be kept on leads. Why? There are no sheep. It is a huge area perfect for walking your dog. What the heck is the point of taking your dog there, paying the £2 parking fee just to keep it on a flipping lead? Also, how do you get from the strictly authorised statement to a dogs on lead statement?

4. Is it just me or is this little group of signs totally over the top? Somebody decided that they were all needed, that we couldn’t possibly visit Rutland water without them directing and controlling us.

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