Are you desperately asking: “how to lose weight?” Calories are the key. Unfortunately, there is no other way to lose weight. No matter what anyone tells you, to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat. It simply is a matter of calories in and calories out.

There are many ways you can help the weight loss on, but without a healthy calorie controlled diet and moderate exercise; you are never going to lose weight permanently! You can manipulate your fat burning hormones so you burn the fat at a faster speed, but you are not going to be burning any fat if you consume more calories a day than you use on a daily basis.

The very best way of using more calories a day than you eat is to combine a healthy, balanced, calorie controlled diet with moderate exercise. In this way you will succeed in pushing up your metabolism and the fat burning will increase.

Exercise helps you in two ways with burning fat. In the first instance, you use extra calories as fuel when you do exercises. This alone can really speed up your weight loss.

The second way, and for me the most important way, that exercise speeds up the fat burning process is by developing muscle. Muscles use more energy than fat, even when you are sleeping. So, if you can build some muscle, you speed up your metabolism and you burn more calories. What a bonus for fast weight loss!

So, this is the one part of “how to lose weight, calories” taken care of. Now you have to think about your diet. Please, do not try one of these extremely low calorie diets. It is dangerous! You have to eat enough to provide your body with all the nutrition it needs for vital bodily functions, such as your heart beating!

The dangers of an extremely low calorie diet:

* It can have serious health implications as your body will become malnourished
* You will become very tired as there is no fuel for your body
* Your metabolism will slow down as your body conserves energy for vital organs
* You will begin feeling extremely cold
* Extreme huger can be the trigger for a binge
* You can become dehydrated as most of the weight loss is water
* You can actually lose muscle that will make you weak and it will make your metabolism even slower
* After the diet you will probably put on more weight than you lost because of the slower metabolism

And these are only the immediate dangers of a extremely low calorie diet. Long term health problems can include osteoporosis as you get older, arthritis as your body lacks lubricants for the joints and if you are still young, there can even be hormonal imbalances and all the disasters that go with that. So, do not do it to yourself, it simply is not worth it. You will pay for it for the rest of your life!

So, if you are asking the question: “How To Lose Weight?” Calories can be reduced by a combination of a healthy balanced diet and moderate exercise.

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