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"It’s been damn near two years now. That amount of time off the grid can change a man, in more ways than you can understand."

The last time we heard from Agent Seans he was getting some shut eye on his flight to Egypt. He and Erik were headed to their drop point near the pyramids to investigate the intel they had received. Seans won’t talk much about what happened there, who they ran into, if anyone, and why Dixon is nowhere to be found. No living person has seen him since they reached the pyramids.

“It was rough. Hot as hell, sand everywhere, not much else about that day matters anymore.”

I’m sure that you are wondering who is lying on the ground here. I would also say it’s a safe bet to wonder how that person ended up there.

“Ugh. I feel like I’ve been hit by a train,” he thought to himself lying bloody and beaten on the floor. The damp feeling of blood pooling around his face. As his tongue ran over his teeth he noticed thankfully none were missing. “…Who, who in the hell was that?” Lying there on the that cold hard floor thoughts flooded into his head. It was highly unusual for someone to get the jump on him. Especially that kind of jump.

“Never saw it coming. Could it have been? No, no, can’t be. He disappeared that day in the pyramid.” Seans always assumed that Dixon had run across their target there. Before entering the pyramid they had decided it was best to split up to cover more ground. He never ran into anyone. Never heard anything besides the sounds of the sands pounding against the aged exterior. Maybe Dixon had.

“Captured? Dead? Something else? I don’t know but I haven’t seen a single sign of him anywhere.” While his senses were certainly dulled by the attack he didn’t feel like anyone was still present. The bunker was well hidden so he was either being watched or it was someone who knew him.

As he shifted his weight he could tell that he had no broken bones. Whoever this person was didn’t come there to kill him. Not yet at least. This was to send a message. Whomever it was knew that he was close to something. The lead they had in Egypt turned into nothing, unless, did he miss it? He looked around the room. Money is still there. Weapons are still there. Even the computer is still there. He was too sore to get up completely to see what was on the screen.

It’s hard to say what could have happened that day. Questions surround Dixon’s disappearance still, none of them have been answered. This was the first real odd situation to arise since then. Seans had laid low over the last year and a half. Command didn’t want to lose another one of their best assets. Research and intel gathering had only led to more dead ends. Now there were questions to answer. The why’s, the where’s and most importantly who.

As he sat himself up against the wall he thought about things.

“Or was this all part of a plan? Could Erik be the one behind it? I can’t lie here forever, I need to find out. Now.”

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