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A Treasure in the island.
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Image by Joe Dsilva
Another new year’s eve went by, another day (night) where you get the realization that cell phone towers don’t have the infinite bandwidth that we take it for granted and you feel that the busy tones last forever. And don’t forget the crazy drivers and traffic in the freeways.

I had been so longing to shoot the SF fireworks this new year’s eve, it has been one of my bucket list items and this was probably my last chance to accomplish it. I’m so meticulous when it comes to planning, however this one I would attribute to pure luck that I made to Treasure island, almost a last minute on the road decision. I had almost let it go again …

And as it turned out, it was one of those lucky days where things fall into place thanks to serendipity, so I met this frizzly haired, unconventionally beautiful, taciturn (sort of my kind of) girl …

As fate would have it, our maiden is the dancing woman from burning man 2010, a creation of artist Marco Cochrane portraying Bliss dance and currently residing at the Great Lawn in Treasure Island in San Francisco.

She is 40 foot tall, have like 7000 lbs (ok here’s a girl who needs to lose weight badly) and is composed of geodesic struts with a skin of steel mesh (source). She also has 1000+ slowly changing leds that can cast all kinds of colors (A woman with a temper ?). A cool thing is there’s an iphone app that can be used to interact to change the lightings …

That’s so mean … Android geeks can’t ask her out ?

So I shot a whole bunch of shots of her with different colors and compositions, given that I had a bit of time before the fireworks started and that cell towers were crying for mercy making it not much of use to kill time.

So that’s how the new year’s eve started.

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