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I’m not sure how this will work, exactly, seeing as I’ve never been tagged. I will just list 30 facts about myself, as she did haha.

1. This photo was inspired by my friend, who never posted hers and I took it on a whim and then realized that it reminded me of hers.
2. I have been with my boyfriend, Saifa for 346 days (I have a counter on my myspace haha)
3. Sadly, Facebook seems to be my religion.
4. I have only a few friends that I see in person.
5. My dog, Sultan, is like my little brother. He knows me as "Sissy."
6. I love fruit. I will eat any fruit, to be honest!
7. When I see people eating calamari, I can only picture a big squid floating in the ocean.
8. I have an impersonation of that squid, too.
9. I work in a grocery store. My mother and brother also work there.
10. I have three brothers (two human, one canine.)
11. I have really straight teeth naturally, so no, I have never had braces or a retainer haha.
12. I have a friend that lives in New York that I call my sister, we are really close.
13. I live in a small town called Newmarket. It is in New Hampshire. NEWNEWNEW.
14. I graduated high school in 2009.
15. I live with my mom and her boyfriend.
16. I haven’t seen my dad since last year, and before that I hadn’t seen him for four years.
17. I have really low self-esteem but I am working on it harder than I thought I would ever have to haha.
18. I really love reading books! If you have a book suggestion for me, please send me a flickr mail about it! 🙂
19. I dye my hair too often…I just want to be blonde again, like I am naturally.
20. I got my license in May, finally.
21. In high school, I took Latin for two years and Spanish for one.
22. I am 5’2"
23. I am trying to lose weight! If you know of any good recipes for people on a diet, or vegetarian/vegan recipes, please let me know! I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I like veggies and fruits.
24. I am allergic to mushrooms 🙁
25. My dream cars are Toyota Yaris, Honda Civic, and Scion TC.
26. I want nothing more in my life than to be successful and make myself really proud.
27. I love kittens and puppies A LOT. and baby animals in general.
28. I have three tattoos PLANNED. I currently have zero and would like one as soon as I have enough money.
29. I had my monroe pierced. It closed and I didn’t want it to. I wish it never did. I want another piercing soon…I don’t know what to get though. Suggestions?
30. When I use my tumblr, I use it like CRAZY.

okay, your turn!

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